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Valid in: India

Gift someone you love, the joy of entertainment with a BookMyShow E-Gift Card. Book My Show is India's largest movie and entertainment ticketing portal.

Present across 350+ cities and 1600+ movie theatres, we enable our users to book movie tickets in advance, choose the best seats and beat the queue across the length and breadth of India. And that's not all: we are the one-stop shop for booking tickets to the best plays, sports events, adventure experiences, events and concerts in India. From IPL tickets to Sunburn Goa, we have it all. Our mobile apps and websites attract more than 20 million visitors each month. Our gift cards are valid throughout India for purchasing any tickets on our website and apps. So go ahead, gift a BookMyShow gift card. Whether it is to express your love for someone, or to send in a note of thanks, you're sure to make someone's day and spread cheer.

Redemption Options

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    Accepted in: India Only.

    • 2,333 VOILÀ points will be exchanged for 07 bookmyshow Dollars Gift Card
    • 4,666 VOILÀ points will be exchanged for 14 bookmyshow Dollars Gift Card